Friday, May 9, 2008

some places for gay in Laos

Blue Cool (mixed)
Located on the right side of the road as you drive on Luangprabang Rd from the airport to Novotel. New club opened by the former owner of Pack Luck.Café Kok (mixed)Soradith Guest House. Disco dancing and very busy. Cruisy after 2am when the other clubs close. CLOSED -->Funny (formerly Image Pub) (mixed)Just off Samsanthai Rd, Ban Anou (Around the corner from the Anou Hotel). Wow! A chic, cozy, artful high-design bar and mini-disco straight out of Tokyo. CLOSED -->
Pack Luck Bar (formerly G-Vientiane Pub and Bar)
Luang Prabang Rd (500m from the Novotel towards the airport on the left side of the street), 020-780-9341, email. A gay-friendly bar with a disco setting downstairs and a cabaret show most nights at 9:30pm. There is a quiet lounge on 2/F. Open nightly from 8pm.
Comments from Utopians:
"Pot luck if there will be anyone in here apart from you, but best and busiest on a Sat night. They put on a ladyboy show if there are enough customers to watch." -- wolfcub, Apr 26, 2008
Kok ClubDongpalanh St, Unit 13 No. 150 (inside Soradith Guest House), Dongpalanh Village, 20-220-7539, email. New gay bar by Kong of the former Café Kok. CLOSED AFTER DEATH OF KONG-->My Friend #2Mu Hao Club. CLOSED -->Sky/TarzanNear the University of Lao -->Spiderman Beer Garden -->
Lak Song (mixed)
Sene Souk Hotel nightclub, 100 Louangprabang Rd, 213-375. Popular disco attracts a young crowd. Standing room only on Sat nights. Some prefer to go other nights when it is less crowded and conversations are possible. Closes at midnight.
Comments from Utopians:
"Last night I went to the night club at the Dong Tan Palace Hotel, on the river front, east of the city center. Many gays there. It's a place to go after everywhere else in the city closes at midnight, as it's open until at least 2am every night." -- wolfcub, Apr 26, 2008

D-Tech (mixed)
At the Novotel. Best decorated club in town with an international crowd. Far and away Vientiane's most popular disco. Jam packed on Wed Fri Sat and Sun after 9pm. Closes at 11pm - same as everywhere. Extremely loud music, of course.Comments from Utopians:
"If you go to DJteck beside the Novotel, there are a lot of cuties and good looking gays hanging out (very crowded on Sat night). I think there are much more handsome and friendly Lao gays than Apocalypse Now in Hanoi or Ho Chi Mihn City City." -- Ton, Nov 25, 2003-->Mekong Hotel (mixed)212-938. Close to the Novotel. Live music, both Lao and English. Very interesting style of group dance movement. Crowded on weekends. Not particlularly gay, but lots of Lao hunks. CLOSED -->

Outdoor boxing school beside the river.
Place Nam Phou fountain in the evenings.
The riverside park.

Europe Restaurant (Swiss, Italian, French, and Asian cuisine)
086 Ban Saphanthong Neua, Phonsavanh Rd, 414-086, mobile 020-207-539. Partners Peter and Pasa have opened at a bigger and better location for their famous restaurant. Excellent service and fine cuisine. Staff are handsome and friendly.
Europe Swiss Restaurant (Swiss)
086 Ban Saphanthong Neua, Phonsavanh Rd, 414-086, mobile: 20-220-7539. Handsome and friendly staff.
Healthy and Fresh Bakery
44/4 Ban Xieng Yeun, Sethathirath Rd, 215-265. Excellent and inexpensive light lunches.
Kua Lao (Lao)
111 Samsenthai Rd, 215-777, 214-813.
L'Opera (Italian)
Namphu Circle, 215-099. Excellent food and classical music playing softly in the background. Try their special "Lao Pizza".
Le Bayou Restaurant Brasserie (French and American)
Sethathirath Rd, 222-227.
Le Provencal (French)
Namphu circle (diagonally opp. from L'Opera), 513-412. Authentic French country cuisine.
Le Safran (French)
Rue Nokeokoumane, 222-997, 215-626.
Le Silapa (French)
17/1 Sihom Rd, Ban Haysok, 219-689. Superb cuisine.
Le Vendome (French)
159/1-2 Inpeng Ban Watchane, 216-402, 020-612-467, email. Excellent French cuisine in an old Lao colonial house, with tables both outside under fans or inside with aircon. Average price US$15 per person for three courses without wine. Very friendly atmosphere.
Moon the Night (Lao)
Thanon Kamkon (on the banks of the Mekong), 217-073. About 10 minutes drive from the Novotel. The easiest way to get there is by tuk-tuk (it’s well-known among the locals). This restaurant can get packed full of good looking Lao young people. They play some very gay songs, i.e. I Will Survive, Can’t Take my Eyes Off of You, etc. Lots of fun.
Phone Pha Chan Bistro (cafe)
Noreko Kummane Rd, Ban Mixay, 216-045. Inexpensive cafe with photo exhibitions.Restaurant-Bar Nam Phou (Italian)20.18 Place Nam Phou, 216-248. Palace Nam Phou, with it's illuminated fountain, is in the heart of Vientiane's might life. This is a terrace around the fountain and a very pleasant place to relax and dine. Same owners as L'Opera. CLOSED -->
Riverside open-air restaurants (plentiful, ask your friend to take you there for lunch).
Comments from Utopians:
"Do not miss Art TeeTong's Jai Dee Restaurant. Art, the owner, is very friendly and he knows everything a Utopian should know about the capital. The restaurant/bar is located on Manthathuriat St, near the Namphou Fountain. There are many places for meeting new Lao friends in Vientiane. As they may change, contact Art and he will tell you. Have a drink at Art's bar. It is always open during the day. To eat, go at night for a wonderful dinner. His staff is very friendly and good-looking!" -- pixman, Feb 6, 2008

Hatpraseuth Massage & Sauna
218-654. Open 10am to 10pm. Mixed massage establishment with two or three masseurs who are professionally trained.
Talaat Sao. The charming, large, central city market is full of craft items, especially traditional fabrics.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gay website

In Laos country there is no any website talking about gay life only Thailand have many website i will list out for you , you may visit the website then find out some things you like same as me.

All of gay life in Laos want to have thier community same as other country but right now is not so open.

If there's any website for laos gay. gay meeting . gay information. gay place. introduce to each other . that would be good for gay life in Laos.

Gay Sex In Laos

Gay Sex in Laos normally are no many informations that support to sex of gay in Laos .but some time i found that gay sex in Laos very exciting. when they go to souana of course are mix. real man and gay but some time sex in souana is very exciting . ** note** real man normally do not like souana**************, So when you go to souana you feel free to act out because in souana 80% are gay.

As you know external act maybe like a man but you have to believe that inside is gay.

when you have sex with gay in Laos you may not worry so much about HIV because gay Laos do not do much sex activities. some time not need condom.

Right now condom in Laos one box have threes condom and one gel.

Some time real man here like to have sex with gay cause of money.

It's so exciting when use real man service. and they never fake

Gay life in Laos

Laos country is land lock country , population around 5 to 6 million people gay life here in Laos mostly is not acceptable in rural area but is acceptable in big city like Vientiane.

Place for gay in Laos is not exactly have is diffirent from Thailand , Thailand have place for gay like agogo bar, souana for gay, and other more.

There are many gays in Laos but some time they can not shown out or act out . They are just hide what they feel and what they want and then some time they gathering in small group of gay.

Some time gay in Laos married with woman because they want to show that they are not gay
Married some time just for work because in Laos gay life acceptable around 40% so when they want to success in their life they have to do every things.

Gay from Laos usually travel to Thialand because in Thailand gay like is a kind of freely. when they go to thailand and they feel free to act out and enjoy gay life.

There are no exactly places can list out where usually gay in Lao spend like night club or bar or souana but i hope in the futher will have any place in Laos for gay.